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Welcome to Aloha Bay - Wholesale Candles, Palm Wax, Himalayan Salt, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aloha! Browse our menu at left to place a retail order. For stores in the USA, please visit our wholesale page. International retailers may apply to become an importer. Below are the featured product slides for March:

Eco Palm Wax Candles

Beeswax Candles

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Color Change & USB Salt Lamps

When you purchase an Eco Palm Wax candle from Aloha Bay know that you are buying the most eco-friendly candle on the planet. Here's why: Eco Palm Wax is a steam distilled essential oil that has therapeutic benefits just like our other naturally occurring essential oil scents; Aloha Bay candle colors are 100% REACH compliant; Aloha Bay display fixtures are made from Rainforest Alliance certified SmartWood; our packaging uses 100% consumer recycled cardboard; and Eco Palm Wax candles are vegan without beeswax, paraffin, or synthetic petrochemical additives. Aloha Bay's palm wax is non-GMO and tested with Genetic ID, a third party laboratory.

Why We Choose Palm Wax

In a word: sustainability. Palm is a tree crop that enhances biodiversity and carbon sequestering, uses very little water, and is GMO free and pest resistant. One acre of palm trees provides the same quantity of wax as 20 acres of soy beans. Sourced from Malaysia, Brazil, and Colombia, the palm oil in our pure vegetable palm wax candles is no threat to rainforests.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Wax

In celebrating Aloha Bay's 20th anniversary of helping retailers and individual clients find sustainable solutions for their homes and families, we have launched the world's first Rainforest Alliance certified candle line made of Eco Palm Wax sourced from certified organic palm groves in South America. Select from the Aloha Jars fragranced with essential oils or perfume blends. Also certified are unscented white tea lights and tapers.

Soy Candles - Why We Don't Make Them

Having experimented with and evaluated almost every type of vegetable wax, we have found that using 100% palm wax makes the very best candles. We discovered that soy wax alone is just too soft and oily to be used without mixing in large amounts of palm wax or paraffin. We also learned that there is no certified organic soy wax supply available as all soy wax is genetically modified, chemically distilled and commercially grown. For these reasons and more, read further on why we don't make soy candles.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Aloha Bay imports mined ancient ocean salt from the Salt Range of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Himalayan salt is easily metabolized, contains minerals and trace elements, and has a stronger, richer flavor than sea salt. For incredibly smooth and silky skin, soak with our USDA organic Himalayan bath salts containing 100% essential oils. Accent your environs with decorative salt lamps and enjoy the warming glow of their soft pink light. Learn more about our Himalayan crystal salt, "The Best Salt on Earth"™.

Aromatherapy Diffusers and Candles

Aromatherapy is the use of naturally occurring plant substances called essential oils for the purpose of improving a person's moods, thinking and well-being. Aromatherapy diffusers and our Eco Palm Wax™ aromatherapy jar candles, votives and pillar candles are an excellent way to benefit from the therapeutic influence of pure essential oils.

Chakra Candles

Chakra votives and Chakra Energy jar candles hold the wealth of fragrance found in nature - pure flower and plant essences with the power to revive or soothe, heal or protect. Each is infused with essential oils selected for their aromatherapy benefits relative to balancing each chakra. Review our Chakra Guide to assist your selection of the candle colors and scents that match your wishes, moods, and environments. Also available in unscented chakra colors. Enjoy this short video on our Chakra Line of Candles.

Feng Shui Candles

Feng Shui jar candles reflect the ancient principles of Feng Shui, where color and fragrance relate to the Five Elements of Nature. These candles feature all cotton wicks, contain 100% organic 'therapeutic grade' essential oil blends and are poured in multiple layers of palm wax sourced from sustainable tree farming in Malaysia and certified organic groves in Brazil. Energize and transform your home or office in a positive way with this knowledge on Feng Shui candle placement, colors and directions.

Fair Trade Partners

We travel to our global fair trade partners in Pakistan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia to source certified organic palm wax for our wholesale candles as well as for essential oils, wild crafted herbs, and naturally occurring Himalayan salt. Please review Aloha Bay's dedicated commitment to and support of fair trade practices.

Wholesale Candles and More

Are you looking to display a special and unique, handmade product line at your retail business? Become an Aloha Bay wholesaler! We offer the best-selling palm wax candles, Himalayan salt lamps, Feng Shui items, USDA Organic Himalayan bath salts, scrubs and gourmet edible pink crystal salt.

To serve natural food and green retailers, we offer free shipping through these national distributors: Lotus Light, Nutribooks, Frontier Co-op, Threshold and Select Nutrition, Mountain People (UNFI). If you're a business and want to place a wholesale order, please fill out our wholesaler application to get started today.

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Shipping News

Due to the West Coast ports labor dispute, we have significantly increased our inventory, but here and there we will run out of some items made by our sister factory in Indonesia. For the first time ever we've run out of white palm wax tea lights and some palm wax tapers colors. Until this situation resolves, we are offering both our beeswax tea lights and taper pairs at 20% off.

March Specials

20% off these favorites
Himalayan Salt Lamps
select sizes and shapes
Cube Jars
pure essential oils or perfume blends
Rainbow Votives
hand-poured in beautiful layers
Gem Tone Jars
five colors plus rainbow
"Feng Shui" Salt Crystal
halite crystal on five color LED base
"Chakra" Crystals
selenite crystal - five color LED base
40% off this favorite
Flower Floaters
Unscented - Attractive Reed Basket

We Proudly Endorse

Aloha Bay passionately endorses the
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RSPO: Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Oregon Titlh
Rainforest Alliance
The Cornucopia Institute
Institute for Responsible Technology

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