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Reduce, Recycle & Re-Use

My Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother raced Tennessee jumpers. Grandma was considered quite a horse trader and told me "if your going to be sellin' you need to decide right up front if youíre going to sell the steak or the sizzle because your reputation follows you around like your own shadow for the rest of your life."

We invest our money in the finest quality organic and naturally occurring Palm Wax, essential oils, cotton wicks, and Himalayan sat. We do minimal consumer packaging and labeling. We prefer naked candles and looking at the colorful wax instead of looking at a fancy label.

Our competitors can promote their pretty packaging (sizzle) while we offer the highest quality naturally occurring and organic botanical ingredients we can find.


Our goal has been to each reduce waste by 15% each year. All the best ideas come out of our monthly staff meetings. Bart, our CEO, has created an inventory tracking system so we make just what we need to get every order out within 3 days -- never over producing. We are proud to engineer a cleaner more efficient burning vegan candle.


We separate all our cardboard, plastics, and glass to fully participate in all of South Lake Refuse & Recycling programs. They sort material by type of commodity. Our PET #1 recycled votive trays are sent to a recycling center in St. Helena where they are compressed into bales and sold to Eckman Recycling to be reused in making more PET #1 plastic products.

  Hand pouring candles there is always a little extra scent left at the end of each production run. We pour this off into a 25 gallon drum. It could contain as many as a dozen different fragrances. We also discontinue any fragrance that does not sell through quickly. So we always have drums of left over fragrances. We donate this to a local biodiesel club who mix it with their oil that they collect from the local restaurants. Brad Chatton ends up with the nicest smelling emissions in Lake County and gets some wonderful compliments especially from the ladies.

Even though we have our own factory in Pakistan and they do a great job selecting the warmest color salt crystals and hand shape each lamp so they have a uniform look, we go the extra step in quality control. At our California factory we assemble each Himalayan salt lamps to double check the uniformity of the salt crystals and to make sure everything works. We reject about 10% of the salt lamp crystals. All these reject salt crystals go to the local feed store and horse breeder to be used as salt licks. Bob, who raises quarter horses swears that when he puts out our Himalayan salt next to regular salt licks the horses go to ourís first and donít touch the others until the Himalayan salt lick is completely gone. We believe itís because the Himalayan salt is more flavorful and contains more essential trace minerals. We believe itís the minerals. Since we started importing the edible pink salt itís all any of us at the factory uses.

We also recycle all the colored and scented wax by pouring layers of color into jars and selling them through our outlet store here on Main Street, Lower Lake, CA.

We shred paper daily and those small amounts go to a local worm farm business that also produces worm castings for the local organic farmers. They spread the shredded paper over the top of their bins. It reduces the amount of fruit flies, and as it decomposes it becomes part of the worm casting.

Each year we hire Integrity Shred to shred all records we no longer have to maintain for tax purposes. They deliver the shredded paper directly to Redwood Disposal in Santa Rosa who packages it up and resells it to Smurfit-Stone a leading eco-friendly manufacturer of paperboard and paper based containers.


We import candles from Indonesia and salt products from Pakistan. All those bulk cardboard boxes are repacked as shipping boxes we reship to our retailers and distributors.

We only use glass that is custom made for us and that contains at least 10% recycled materials. Botani Organic votive boxes were made from 100% consumer recycled materials. No new resources (trees) are used to make our packaging. All shipping peanuts and bubble wrap that gets shipped to us goes to a local business that sells their products on EBay.

Sometimes we will mix the wrong fragrance or color. Each year we discontinue the scents that donít sell through quickly. All these candles we sell in our California Factory outlet. We guarantee all our sales although it very seldom happens we get returns. Any candles that donít sell through, our employees take home for their friends and family.

In 1996, we introduced the first candle refill. We figured our clients already had the glass why not just reuse it. They burned great and were very inexpensive. They did not sell through. I hope we were just ahead of our time because in 2010 we may reintroduce palm wax refills for our chakra jars.

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