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300 million years ago, a vast ocean covered the area that became the Himalayan mountain range. The salt from that ocean was preserved as large crystal formations, which now yield the most balanced and purest naturally occurring salt on earth. This ancient sea salt deposit is absent of any modern day environmental pollutants and free from local industrial pollution.

Himalayan crystal salt is mined directly, in smaller or bigger chunks, from the salt layers in the earth. In contrast, a lot of today's table salt is flushed out of similar layers by injecting water into them and then evaporating the brine that is pumped up. This process, and the subsequent "purification" phase, reduces the salt to pure sodium chloride, eliminating all minerals and trace elements.

Ocean sea salt may be a healthy alternative to processed table salt. However, our oceans have been used as dumping grounds for harmful toxic poisons like mercury, PCBs, and dioxin. Oil spills have polluted coastal waters. Unfortunately, today's sea derived products may not be as healthy as they used to be.

Aloha Bay regularly sends out samples of our gourmet table and cooking salt to independent labs for analysis in both Europe and the US. Never has there been any sign of heavy metal content or contamination by toxins or pollutants.

The trace minerals and elements contained in Himalayan salt deposits are much richer than the trace minerals found in many other mined sea salt deposits. For whatever reason, when the ancient seas were undergoing the process of evaporation, the trace minerals in these other mines seem to have fallen out of suspension before the remaining sodium chloride completely crystallized and congealed. For mined edible salts that have retained their trace elements and minerals, each contains the same number and type of measurable minerals. However, the content slightly varies from salt to salt and sample to sample.

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New Scents - Perfume Blends Prepack

10% off with free display

✔ 8 trays of votive candles
✔ 14 Square Top Jar candles
✔ includes these five new scents:
   Honey Amber, Ocean Sage, Peony Rush,
   Maui Plumeria, and Vanilla Oakmoss

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___________________ January Specials ___________________

Spell Candles - new! - Candle burning is an ancient practice in both conventional religious and esoteric spiritual practices. Aloha Bay offers Spell Candles for meditation, prayer, puja, as well as for inspiration, invocation, and sacred rituals. Everyone who lights a candle has an intention in mind - whether to enhance the ambiance at a meal, light up a sacred space, or manifest a blessing. Use to intend healing, wealth, joy, love, abundance, positive energy, or protection from negative influences. Each box contains 20 fragrance free candles, ½" wide by 4½" tall. 
Spell Candles

for inspiration, prayer, & sacred rituals

Select Gourmet Himalayan Salt

20% off in January
 The Best Salt on Earth! - Gourmet cooks recommend the exquisite taste of our natural, pink Himalayan crystal salt. Hammer-crushed and additive-free, this salt is pinkish in color due to the minerals it contains.

Be sure to have Aloha Bay brand Himalayan table and cooking salt (coarse and fine) on hand to season your food and for all your cooking and baking needs this season and throughout the year.

Solé Jar - Aloha Bay's Solé Jar contains nuggets of soluble, mineral-rich Himalayan crystal salt.

Here's how to prepare your Solé Jar for use:
  1. Simply fill the jar with spring water to submerge the salt crystals and then replace the cap.
  2. Let it stand for at least twenty-four hours or until no more salt will dissolve.
  3. The water is now saturated with salt, and your Solé is ready to enjoy.
  4. Replenish with fresh water as needed.
Solé Jar

20% off in January

Salt Cooking Block

(this item is not on special)
 Cooking on Salt? - You know that you can put salt on your food, but ...
did you know that you can put food on your salt?

Heat the Himalayan salt cooking block directly on the stovetop to cook meats and veggies. Or chill to serve sushi or chocolates. Heated or chilled, the salt block will enhance your favorite dishes with its delicious salt flavor. Scrumptious!

Each block of solid Himalayan crystal salt weighs seven pounds and measures 8" x 8" x 1.5".

______________________ New Products! ______________________

Chakra Melts for Wax Warmers

Each box contains 8 Chakra Melts
 Chakra Melts - new! - Simply place a Chakra Melt inside of your favorite wax melt warmer and enjoy the aroma. Chakra Melts are scented with 100% pure essential oils, are made from sustainable RSPO certified Palm Wax, and feature REACH compliant vegetable oil based dyes. Each melt contains its corresponding Chakra image and color. Easily mix and match to create your own custom meditative aromatherapy environment. Each box contains eight Chakra Melts. With Google shopping, you'll find wax warmers in an assortment of styles to match any décor.

Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Square Top Jar Candles - new! - Choosing a scented candle is very much a matter of personal taste and no single perfume blend will have the same appeal to everyone. Three patterns of aromas are included in Aloha Bay's perfume blends with essential oils candles: food flavors (e.g. Autumn Spice, Bahia Coconut, Kona Coffee, Tahitian Vanilla); traditional incense (e.g. Nag Champa, Sandalwood); and those inspired by designer perfumes (e.g. Romance). With fourteen fragrances to choose from, including five new scents (e.g. Honey Amber, Ocean Sage, Maui Plumeria, Peony Rush, Vanilla Oakmoss), we are confident that you will enjoy time-tested favorites and discover new scents. 
Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Square Top Jar Candles

an amazing 60 hour burn time!

Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Votive Candles
Select from fourteen fragrances including the five new scents pictured above.

Eco No Bugs - Two Pack

citronella candles to repel pests
 Eco No Bugs - Two Pack - new! - Eco No Bugs citronella jar candles are perfect for picnic gatherings and those warm nights outside on the patio or in the yard. Rather than apply the old, sticky bug spray to get rid of mosquitoes and other airborne insect pests, instead light an Eco No Bugs citronella jar candle or two and enjoy the warm glow ambiance of candle light paired with the woodsy aromas from this candle's 100% pure essential oils of citronella, cedar, rosemary, fir, patchouli, and lemon eucalyptus scents. Hand poured in Lower Lake, CA as a two pack in re-usable 8 oz. tumbler glasses, each has a 40 hour burn time.

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamps - new! - Mined from ultra-rare veins of grey salt in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, the grey color is due in part to traces of two semi-precious stones: sodalite (blue-grey) and schorlomite (grey or black - a special kind of garnet), and magnesium (20 times more than pink salt). Choose from among the Mini Lamp, Diamond Lamp, Teardrop Lamp, Aroma Lamp, and USB Lamp.

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