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Crafting of the Salt Candle Holders
 Aloha Bay started importing Himalayan salt products from Pakistan fifteen years ago. For several years already, friend and longtime candle maker Volker Wagner had been working together with a Pakistani architect and businessman, Tariq Khokhar, to create salt products for the European market. Tariq designed and built a small state-of-the-art salt factory in Mirpur, close to the Himalayan foothills. This family-owned factory, which produces both decorative salt lamps, salt candle holders, and edible salt, is both technically advanced and socially and environmentally responsible.
It is important to understand that typically, salt products are produced in temporary garage-type workshops, where working conditions leave a lot to be desired, even by Pakistani standards. These garage-shops are often set up just to fill a few containers, offering only temporary employment. Quality standards are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain in such an environment. Nowadays, many Pakistani nationals are trying to make a "quick buck" selling low-priced salt lamps from these workshops. They are essentially middle men, not factory owners, brokering deals and paying the very least possible for the product and to their employees. In Tariq's factory, employment is year-round. This also guarantees consistent quality, because the sculpting of the lamps and holders is a delicate procedure.

Take our salt tea light and votive candle holders, for example; they are carefully shaped in a pleasing round design, whereas most of our competition only offers a rough salt rock with a hole. Continue reading this month's feature article.

Where Do Our Hiamalayn Salt Lamps Come From?
View the pristine beauty of the Salt Range, an area close to the Himalayan mountains. Meet Bart Burger, CEO of Aloha Bay, and Tariq Khokhar, our partner in Pakistan. Arrive at one of Tariq's own mines and see the transport of the salt from mine to factory. We believe the mined salt from the Salt Range is one of the purest salts on Earth.

Aloha Bay serves retailers by offering a higher quality Himalayan salt holder, guaranteeing workmanship, and delivering them when needed. Take advantage today as we offer Aloha Bay's decorative candle holders on special only twice a year!

Thank you for choosing our eco-friendly candles and Himalayan salt products,
The Aloha Bay Team

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___________________ November Specials ___________________

Pillar Tea Light Holder - This tea light holder is hand-sculpted from exquisite Himalayan crystal salt on a precision lathe in a smooth, round pillar design with a beveled rim at top and bottom. Delightful color patterns and variations are seen, according to where the salt was mined. Enjoy the warm ambiance and soft glow of candle light pouring through the smooth surface. 
Pillar Tea Light Holder

20% off in November

Salt Tea Light and
Votive Candle Holders

20% off in November
 These salt candle holders are hand carved from ancient Himalayan crystal salt displaying an inherent natural look and beauty. Each votive and tea light holder is carefully shaped in a pleasing round, tapered top design. Compare to most of our competition who only offer a rough, uneven salt rock with a hole for the candle.

Salt candle holders are available in these five sizes:
  • 3¼" tall, 1.8 lbs. Pillar Tea Light Holder
  • 3½" tall, 2.5 lbs. Votive & Tea Light Holder
  • 2¾" tall, 1.5 lbs. Tea Light Holder
  • 2¼" Tall, 0.9 lbs. Tea Light Holder
  • 2¼" tall, 0.9 lbs. White Salt Tea Light Holder

Suggested use: Gently center a tea light or votive candle in the salt crystal candle holder. Light to enjoy the warming glow and ambiance of white or soft pink-orange light and the flicker of candle flame through each crystal facet. Please note: Always place the candle holder on a stable surface and never leave a candle burning unattended. 
Pink and White Salt Tea Light Holders

20% off in November

______________________ New Products! ______________________

Chakra Melts for Wax Warmers

Each box contains 8 Chakra Melts
 Chakra Melts - new! - Simply place a Chakra Melt inside of your favorite wax melt warmer and enjoy the aroma. Chakra Melts are scented with 100% pure essential oils, are made from sustainable RSPO certified Palm Wax, and feature REACH compliant vegetable oil based dyes. Each melt contains its corresponding Chakra image and color. Easily mix and match to create your own custom meditative aromatherapy environment. Each box contains eight Chakra Melts. With Google shopping, you'll find wax warmers in an assortment of styles to match any décor.

Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Square Top Jar Candles - new! - Choosing a scented candle is very much a matter of personal taste and no single perfume blend will have the same appeal to everyone. Three patterns of aromas are included in Aloha Bay's perfume blends with essential oils candles: food flavors (e.g. Autumn Spice, Bahia Coconut, Kona Coffee, Tahitian Vanilla); traditional incense (e.g. Nag Champa, Sandalwood); and those inspired by designer perfumes (e.g. Romance). With fourteen fragrances to choose from, including five new scents (e.g. Honey Amber, Ocean Sage, Maui Plumeria, Peony Rush, Vanilla Oakmoss), we are confident that you will enjoy time-tested favorites and discover new scents. 
Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Square Top Jar Candles

an amazing 60 hour burn time!

Perfume Blends with Essential Oils Votive Candles
Select from fourteen fragrances including the five new scents pictured above.

Eco No Bugs - Two Pack

citronella candles to repel pests
 Eco No Bugs - Two Pack - new! - Eco No Bugs citronella jar candles are perfect for picnic gatherings and those warm nights outside on the patio or in the yard. Rather than apply the old, sticky bug spray to get rid of mosquitoes and other airborne insect pests, instead light an Eco No Bugs citronella jar candle or two and enjoy the warm glow ambiance of candle light paired with the woodsy aromas from this candle's 100% pure essential oils of citronella, cedar, rosemary, fir, patchouli, and lemon eucalyptus scents. Hand poured in Lower Lake, CA as a two pack in re-usable 8 oz. tumbler glasses, each has a 40 hour burn time.

Spell Candles - new! - Candle burning is an ancient practice in both conventional religious and esoteric spiritual practices. Aloha Bay offers Spell Candles for meditation, prayer, puja, as well as for inspiration, invocation, and sacred rituals. Everyone who lights a candle has an intention in mind - whether to enhance the ambiance at a meal, light up a sacred space, or manifest a blessing. Use to intend healing, wealth, joy, love, abundance, positive energy, or protection from negative influences. Each box contains 20 fragrance free candles, ½" wide by 4½" tall. 
Spell Candles

for inspiration, prayer, & sacred rituals

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamps - new! - Mined from ultra-rare veins of grey salt in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, the grey color is due in part to traces of two semi-precious stones: sodalite (blue-grey) and schorlomite (grey or black - a special kind of garnet), and magnesium (20 times more than pink salt). Choose from among the Mini Lamp, Diamond Lamp, Teardrop Lamp, Aroma Lamp, and USB Lamp.


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