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Natural vs. Synthetic

There is a lot of controversy in the candle industry over the word 'natural' as in natural waxes. Some paraffin (petroleum derived) candle manufacturers claim their products are as natural as any vegetable-based wax. We avoid the issue by using the terms "vegetable" or "100% natural Palm Wax™". The same controversy is true of the word 'natural' in the health food industry and that's why they have gone to the trouble of creating standards to certify organic foods. At this time we are not able to certify that all our wax is organic but we are working with plantations that are willing to convert to organic methods because they have only been using modest amounts of approved fertilizers or pesticides.

Our Palm Wax™ is certified to be kosher, food grade, and does not contain synthetics or petrochemicals in any form. We are the first to work with growers in Java to develop organic methods for palm oil production.

At Aloha Bay, we believe the richest source of healthy products come from pure plant essences. For those consumers interested in the purest products, we offer the highest grade of pure vegetable palm wax combined with 100 percent pure essential oils.

Our candles are as safe to use as the soaps and lotions sold exclusively in health food stores. They are all made from the same palm oil.

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