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You Have The Power To Change The World

Here is a simple fact hardly anyone is talking about

It all starts with the buying decisions you make because - what you choose to buy and consume impacts the world in many powerful ways. If you look at it collectively, the products that each of us purchases and consumes amount to the corporate world we have created.

In fact, your simple choice to eat certified organic food and health supplements, or buy natural bath & body care products, Eco palm wax candles, and other naturally occurring products, like Himalayan salt might be more important to your health, your familyís health, and the health of the planet than any other lifestyle choice you make.

Farming practices are some of the most significant influences on our health & the natural environment.

Not so long ago in the US, American family farms were sprinkled across the rural landscape amongst wild, open spaces and thriving small towns that served the needs of farm families. However, this has all but disappeared. In an alarmingly short period of time, chemical agriculture, and the factory farms it spawned, has almost obliterated the family farms that nourished our culture and has rendered them into nothing more than a sweet memory.

We have all lost something very precious as a result - not only a way of life that defined us, but also a safe and healthy food supply, numerous biological species, undisturbed wildlife and aquatic habitats, clean air and safe drinking water. Until the 1940s, the form of farming we now call organic was actually the norm. This all changed at the end of World War II. When the war ended, a problem had to be resolved: what to do with all the toxic chemicals leftover from warfare? Thus, around 1950, a market was created to disperse these chemicals, in the form of pesticides, to farmers. After all, they would certainly kill bugs (never mind, for the moment, that we already knew these chemicals would kill humans). Spurred on by promises of greater yields due to less insect damage, farmers eagerly embraced the new technologies. Chemical manufacturers were heartened by the ease with which farmers accepted chemical pesticides. Today, the use of chemicals has become so extensive that as many as 16 different chemicals might be applied to a single crop during one growing season!

At Aloha Bay we support organic farmers in these ways:

1. Contributing to and buying the organic raw materials listed below.

2. Buying certified organic palm oil from Agrapalma Plantation in Brazil.

3. We blend with organic essential oils whenever we can afford to and are always looking for new sources of farmers, distillers, and volume wholesalers.

Right now we are scenting with the following full spectrum certified essential oils:

Chamomile - A floral-green, fruity oil from organic Roman chamomile flowers. Calming, soothing and cooling, it diffuses nervous tension and overstimulation.

Cinnamon - Warm, sensuous, sweet-amber oil from the bark of cinnamon trees organically grown in Sri Lanka. It counters emotional and physical coldness and withdrawal and helps with tiredness, weakness and burnout. Cinnamon's sensual zing action is said to promote vitality and increases self-esteem.

Clove - A deeply warming, sensuous fragrance from organic Madagascar cloves, with sweet, spicy and floral notes. Clove bud oil strengthens and warms, while promoting sensuality. Clove bud awakens emotional self-confidence and promotes courage, motivation and grounding.

Fir - The classic fresh, woodsy, conifer needle fragrance that refreshes and invigorates mind and body. Siberian fir grounds and strengthens in states of grief, fear and insecurity. Siberian fir can clarify and resolve confusion, apathy and indecision.

Grapefruit Pink - A tangy, sweet citrus oil that gently awakens, uplifts and restores. By enhancing mental acuity and short-term memory, Pink grapefruit relieves mental tiredness and withdrawal.

Lavandin - With great persistence I grow and distill here at my home in northern California and source some from France and Spain. I love the strong woody herbaceous undertones notes.

Lavender - Produced from organic stands in Bulgaria. Adds a sweet-green, floral-herbaceous note, with a hint of balsamic-woody undertones. Lavender soothes calms and harmonizes, relieving nervous tension and irritability.

Lemon - The cold-pressed oil from Sicilian organically-grown lemons. Lends a bright, fruity note. Lemon restores, stimulates and detoxifies. Promoting logical thinking, a clear lift with mental fatigue, confusion, memory or concentration loss, or depression.

Lime - Robust fruity, mouth-watering oil steam-distilled from Mexican lime peels. Relaxing and uplifting, Lime oil helps with mental distraction and worry. Induces emotional poise and composure.

Nutmeg - An earthy base note distilled from organic Indonesian nutmegs. Spicy, sweet and rooty warming stimulant. Often used to deal with loss of mental focus, and nervous exhaustion.

Orange - A sweet-citrus fragrance, cold-pressed from organic orange rinds. Uplifting, balancing and harmonizing, Sweet orange gently relieves tension, moodiness and irritability.

Peppermint - A clean, fresh, spicy-cool, sweet herbaceous oil distilled in the state of Washington from fourth generation organically grown plants. Peppermint awakens, stimulates and intensifies in conditions of lethargy and indecision. Helps break through emotional knots and conflicts, and relieves mental brooding.

Sage - A fresh, bracing oil from wild Dalmatian sage leaves. Camphor-herbaceous, Sage oil imparts strength, mental focus and grounding. For chronic tiredness, low stamina, withdrawal, and memory loss. Sage is also used as general balancing oil for women at all phases of reproductive life.

Spearmint - Distilled in the Midwest. Spearmint oil shows an intensely fresh, sweet, green-herbaceous fragrance. Cooling, calming and regulating, this oil will appease general overstimulation and emotional strain.

Spruce - Produced from ecologically-gathered Canadian black spruce tips. Gives a fresh green conifer scent that's invigorating, tonifying and mentally clarifying. Black spruce is helpful with grief, withdrawal and despair at the deepest levels. Also for low stamina and burnout.

Tangerine - A Californian hybrid of Mandarin which is larger and has a milder smell. Like all citrus it has a soothing and uplifting quality.

Tea Tree - Distilled in Australia's East Coast from organically-grown tea tree leaves, a delicate fresh-sweet, lemony oil. Tea tree gently stimulates, clarifies and centers in conditions of mental confusion, poor focus, worry and low self-assertion. Tea tree can enhance mental creativity.

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